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Houses Program

A Different Way of educating strong Children.

Since 2010, Gimnasio el Hontanar started the implementation of the Houses programme, with the purpose of developing a sense of leadership, cooperation and care among students and teachers.

In total there are five houses, each of which is named after a plant representative of the native forest that surrounds our institution, their names are: Arrayán (Myrtle Tree), Bambú (Bamboo Plant), Ciprés (Cypress Tree), Nogal (Walnut Tree) and Sauce (Willow Tree), each house is composed of students from kindergarten to eleventh grade and are led by a prefect of grade 11 and a vice prefect of grade 10, with the support of a house leader who is part of the school's teaching staff. Each teacher belongs to a house, allowing the program to integrate teachers and students.

Below are the values exalted by each of the houses, which have been organized in a coherent manner with the characteristics of the plants that bear their name:


RESPONSIBILITY is one of the four cardinal virtues. is the value that allows us to recognize the impact on ourselves and others, the actions and decisions we take.


"Resilience is the engine that drives us to overcome adversity."

RESILIENCE is the ability to adapt to change and new situations with a persevering attitude, which allows overcoming the natural frustration that arises in the face of loss, failure and, in general, experiences from which the expected results are not obtained.


“The best way for you to rule the world is to rule yourself."

AUTONOMY is the ability to govern and manage oneself, based on one's own convictions, which are built in the interaction that arises in the different training environments: family, school, community and world.


"Act toward others as you expect them to act toward you."

RESPECT it is the attitude that guides the relationships we build, among all members of the educational community and the world. It is characterized by acting accordingly and coherently with our beliefs, understanding and accepting the difference.


HONESTY it is the virtue guided in the performance of truth, objectivity, authenticity and transparency. It is having the courage to do the right thing, even when no one is watching.

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