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International Learning

Both English and French in high school!


We Speak English!
On va parler en francais

We learn English and French by listening and speaking it.

Knowing new cultures and projecting ourselves internationally.

We create activities that develop language skills and promote love for Literature.

We monitor our English Program through the Cambridge international exams that certify students at different times in the process.

We have a native teachers team.

Each student has at least one year of direct teaching by a native teacher during their process.

We offer a month-long second language immersion trips to Canada and Great Britain.

We advanced in the teaching of the French language thanks to the agreement with the French Alliance.

The approach to French culture gives our young learners a global perspective.

We promote pedagogical spaces where students can express their ideas, thoughts and positions in the different languages ​​of learning, English and French.

We are preparing young people to face the reality of the modern world.
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