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Environmental Commitment

Environmental Commitment

We go beyond educating good students:

We also educate in ecological values.
Reuse, eco-projects, saving resources, orchards, responsible consumption, among others, are the actions that we reinforce in our children and young people to contribute to the ecological footprint that we want to leave at GH.
We want your children to grow up with an awareness of caring for natural resources and environmental sustainability, but for this we need to educate the entire community, becoming active agents in the promotion and implementation of good environmental practices:


Rational consumption of resources such as water, energy and paper.


Correct disposal of waste generated in daily practices in the different academic, administrative and support units.


The GH Environmental Committee, the Bilingualism Coordination, the “Ecoparents” group and the Quality and Environment coordination are in charge of mobilizing the community around good environmental practices, celebrating green days to give life to the environment program , Hontanar goes Green! With its "Think global, Act local" strategy.


At GH we develop the School Environmental Program - PRAE, a training component that is articulated to the academic curriculum to manage projects that open spaces for analysis and generation of proposals on global and local environmental problems. Taking advantage of the work we develop with the UN model, we include environmental commissions. This was complemented by the identification of leading groups such as the specialized project “Green Heroes” and the Vegetable Garden Project.


We articulate awareness for a better planet with actions that support social causes: Collection and delivery of plastic covers to the Anselmo Foundation, supporting families of children with cancer. Delivery of “eco-bricks” to the Church of "Our Lady of Carmen", a community led by its parish priest that is building the first chapel with “eco-bricks” in Latin America.We promote in our community the habit of leaving a green footprint, which is friendly to the planet. We are committed to strengthening the pillars of environmental awareness and providing society with people with a high sense of ecological contribution to their environment. Solid training for your children to move forward with a firm environmental awareness.

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