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Character Counts

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"Your character not only helps you learn about your virtues, but also how to take advantage of them".Anonymous.

Parents are the first educators and the schools acts a compliment ; in GH we understand the importance of working as a team, that is why we incorporate our 'Character Counts' program as a pedagocial proposal to help the formation of our students' character. It is an integrated approach to form our students into strong humans.



Students develop and demonstrate the quality of character trustworthiness. They understand that trust is an essential ingredient in meaningful and lasting relationships, as well as success in school and in their careers, and they strive to earn the trust of others by demonstrating ethical virtues such as integrity, honesty, the promise of peace, and loyalty.


Students believe that the welfare and dignity of all people is important simply because they are human beings and that each person should be treated with respect, to judge them by their character and ability without regard to race, religion, sexual orientation, political ideology, gender, age, or other personal or physical characteristics.


Students can demonstrate the characteristic of responsibility by taking ownership of their lives and by recognizing their power to choose what they think (including their attitudes and thought patterns), i.e., to take responsibility for the consequences of their decisions.


Students strive to be fair and just in all their actions by: 1) playing by the rules; 2) giving due credit to others; 3) asking for or taking only their fair share (i.e., what is due them). They are never: 1) claiming credit for the work of others; 2) reckless or accusing others unduly; 3) neither do they take advantage of mistakes or ignorance.


Students understand that caring - including the virtues of compassion, kindness, benevolence, altruism, charity, generosity, and sharing - are at the heart of ethics and strive to show a concern for the good of others, showing compassion for those who are suffering and in need by providing support through any form of personal help and/or service.


It is the manifestation of the fulfillment of civic and social responsibilities.


Gimnasio El Hontanar, is a context of happiness for our entire community, where leadership, motivation, teamwork and assertive dialogue are encouraged.

The sense of identity with our Hontanar is the motivation that guides the actions of all members of the educational community.

Training in competencies that respond to the needs of the 21st century guides our processes of innovation and creativity.

Communication is a fundamental axis to achieve the maximum potential of our community and the interaction processes that are built among its members.

It is our commitment to guide the environmental management, articulating the objectives of sustainable development (1. Social commitment, 2. Health and wellness, 3. Quality education, 4. Peace and justice).

Our educational model responds to the needs of a changing world in search of an integral human being.

Teach and reinforce the six pillars:

Helps our children understand acceptable standards of behavior at home, sets boundaries, promotes values, emphasizes good outcomes of ethical behavior, acknowledges imperfections in the world, and offers us other tools for personal growth.


We've integrated into our curriculum cycles that allow our students to develop this formation by:

  • Creating study habits.
  • Healthy management of sexualty
  • Dedication
  • Preventing school violence.
  • Addiction prevention.
  • Project of life.
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