Where your child learns happily!

Mission, View and Integral Policy

A context of happiness and training in values,
for the development of 21st century skills.


Gimnasio El Hontanar has as its fundamental mission the formation of happy and integral beings, with a rigorous commitment to their learning process, which allows them to interact with interdisciplinary knowledge supported by technology, in an environment of well-being and harmony in which they develop their maximum potential. We nourish the capacity of our students to interact in a globalized world, taking as a fundamental basis the experience of the principles: happiness, well-being and teamwork and the institutional values: respect, responsibility, autonomy, honesty and resilience, transferred and seen in daily attitudes that make up the competencies of the XXI century, thus making them exemplary citizens.


The future of Hontanar.

Gimnasio El Hontanar by 2025 will be established as an international bilingual institution, positioned among the top 10 best calendar A schools in the country and as an institution that guides its academic and formative processes, with high quality standards, in a context of happiness and wellbeing for its educational community.

Our School Philosophy

We base our student's learning process on the development of critical thinking, the experience of meaningful learning and reflection. Based on practice during the construction of their own knowledge, here the teacher is the facilitator who guides the student to develop the skills and competencies necessary to solve situations specific to their environment, providing feedback on their strengths and areas of improvement. In this way the student has the knowledge of practical facts, whose theoretical explanation enriches knowledge.

We practice the Christian principles of the Catholic religion, recognising the plurality of faiths. We base our most important commitment on moral and ethical values and citizenship, within the constitutional principles of democracy and universal values. We ensure that each student is educated within an environment of well-being and happiness, in which teamwork, integral development and the construction of a sense of belonging within the community are promoted.

Small group management with the participation of an excellent interdisciplinary team of professionals, allows us to recognise the individuality of our students, in order to develop and enhance their strengths.

Comprehensive Policy

We are always thinking about building a better world.

Gimnasio el Hontanar is committed to complying with the legal regulations applicable to the educational service it offers, a zero-pollution policy, the sustainability of our natural resources and continuous improvement as a dynamic characteristic of the work of all its processes; taking as a frame of reference the quality and environmental standards: transversal axes of its management which is essentially its tactic to achieve its strategic direction.


Happiness, well-being and teamwork are the principles that best articulate the relationships that frame the journey of Hontanar´s community. Happiness, being understood as a state of plenitude and personal satisfaction, in the face of the possibility of building contexts that allow the development of maximum potential. Well-being, as the personal and collective imprint that is consciously built to generate a positive environment that allows us to achieve states of harmony and balance. And as a third principle, teamwork, which is the scenario in which the way to achieve great achievements that permanently transform our society is woven together, based on cooperation, union, communication and respecting differences.


Respect: This is the attitude that guides the relationships we build between all members of our educational community and the world. It is characterised by acting consistently and coherently with our beliefs, understanding and accepting differences. "Behave with others as you’d expect them to behave with you".

Responsibility: This is the value that allows us to recognise the impact that we have on ourselves and others based on the actions and decisions we take. "Be responsible about your decisions".

Autonomy: This is the ability to govern and manage oneself, based on one's own convictions, which are built in the interaction that arises from the different educational environments: family, school, community and world. "The best way to govern the world is to govern yourself".

Honesty: It is the virtue guided in the performance of truth, objectivity, authenticity and transparency. It is having the courage to do the right thing, even when no one is watching. "Be reliable, do what you say you will do".

Resilience: This is the ability to adapt to change and new situations with a persevering attitude, which allows us to overcome the natural frustration that arises in the face of loss, failure and in general all experiences from which we do not obtain the expected results. "Resilience is the engine that drives us to overcome adversity".