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Sport Activities

Education & Sport = Personal Development

Did you know that sport promotes communication with your children?

Some of the benefits of sport for the father and son relationship are:

  • it generates trust, family time and strengthens the affective bond.

he benefits of good sports practice and motor development according to each age are key to learning. Our children and young people activate their attention, motivation and reward mechanisms; fundamental states for integral development.

In GH we have spacious and comfortable sports fields, as well as agreements with nearby schools and clubs where physical training is complemented.

We have various sporting disciplines:

  • soccer, basketball, volleyball, cheers, gymnastics, ultimate.
  • Swimming, horse riding, taekwondo, tennis, ballet, skating, hockey, squash, bowling, physical conditioning (yoga, Pilates,rumba) among others.

Within school hours, your child has a fixed day to practice the sport that he likes the most.

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