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Is was founded by María Cristina Barbosa Cifuentes under the name of Crayola y Lapiz Kindergarten; initially located on the Corpas-Cota road; was born with the aim of offering a quality service to the community.

The offer was extended to primary education, and there we became “Gimnasio El Hontanar”, where the essence of caring for nature was preserved. Other grades were subsequently added yearly.

The journey to Casablanca
The new adventure began for all students and their teachers at the Casablanca branch, an old and antique house, with a bountiful forest, water spring and large open spaces that were used for a plethora of activities. Casablanca was located in the town of Suba and boasted a privileged contact with mother nature.

This year, the school was formally established, and the number of students grew substantially, thanks to the hard work and commitment of an entire community. By the end of 2006 we graduated our first promotion, placing us at a much higher level in the ICFES.

The IB organization authorizes the diploma program instruction. It is the first calendar A school in Colombia to be certified as an International School. It obtains the double certification of Quality and Environment granted by ICONTEC.

Gimnasio el Hontanar opened its current branch located in the savanna of Bogotá, where it guarantees an excellent educational process for its students according to IB requirements, with new facilities, comfortable spaces, equipment, teaching aids and advanced technology.

This year the first international baccalaureate (IB) promotion graduated from our school, achieving excellent results, and paving the way for future graduates with high quality education.

Receives the BIBO Recognition from El Espectador, in the Best Environmental Practice category for the Conservation of Forests and Human Well-being in Colombia. It is positioned as the best school in Chía and Cundinamarca, and it's placed among the best schools in Colombia in calendar A, according to Dinero magazine, the Col-Sapiens Ranking and the Synthetic Index of Educational Quality.

Gimnasio el Hontanar enters the ranking of the best Schools in Colombia in the last 13 years. It closes its facilities at the Casablanca headquarters.

The Ministry of Education, through the Secretariat of Education of Chia, grants the International Bilingual School certificate. It gets to its 25 years anniversary working for quality education and the training of leaders.


During 2020 the world took a turn that forced us into confinement and led us to take on the challenge of bringing Hontanar into our homes.Thus, in a responsible and conscious way, we developed a pedagogical methodology of remote work; then we started an alternation model, which allowed our children and young people to maintain contact through mixed classes and in person encounters.

In addition, this year we received with great satisfaction, the international certification of Great Place to Study, which measures the satisfaction of an educational community and the happiness of its students, This certification ensures that we will always commit to continue working on the construction of the fulfillment of the educational mission that we have in our country.