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Middle School Levels: 5th to 8th
Children aged 11 to 14 years old

At Gimnasio Hontanar we carry out activities that enhance the necessary skills and competencies for your children to face the academic challenges of this new stage and the changes of adolescence, thinking about their professional, social and family adult life.

How do we do it?

Through the strengthening and development of Multiple Intelligences.

Teaching for Understanding opens the way for meaningful learning. We carry out synthesis projects that allow us to transfer the different concepts learned in class into reality.

We strengthen different skills such as exploration, understanding, analysis and argumentation preparing them for the IB.

We create musical and specialized projects in various areas to discover each student's abilities.

We accompany your children in the process of character building, so that they can make the best decisions, identify their preferences and appropriate knowledge.


In these trips to our national territory, young people interact with the community and carry out recreational and social activities. It is the opportunity for your children to show their growth in autonomy processes, self-management and companionship.


Spanish (mother tongue) English (second language) and French (foreign language)

At Gimnasio Hontanar we develop the Canada Program with the purpose of reinforcing the learning of English as a second language. 6th grade students have the possibility to participate in an immersion process with a Canadian family that welcomes them for a month, living the experience of studying during 30 days in a school that alternates academic, sports and recreational activities, strengthening their communication in the second language.

We have implemented learning French as a foreign language for our students. From 6th grade on, the teaching of French culture and language have a place in our curriculum. Thanks to the agreement with the French Alliance, your children will be able to graduate with a B1-B2 language level.


From 3rd to 11th grade, your children access the United Nations project, a space for experiential learning of democracy, the analysis of different real-life situations and the generation of points of view and skills of debate with criteria, proposing tools of thought and speech that will help them to be successful in life.

We want your children to have a solid academic background.
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