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Social Commitment

Social commitment

At Gimnasio Hontanar, we have taken the homework of formation with the highest of standards and to enrich this area, since 2014, we have worked with the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programa Organization. Not only does this program align us with an international education, it is also an excellent model that allows us to form our students into much more than just excellent academics. Built into the Diploma Program, one of the fundamental components is CAS, which are three areas that include creativity, activity and service. This an area that allows students to put into practice what they've learned in the classroom and apply it by serving others.

To form leaders who are dedicated to serving others, we propose that all our community be involved in CAS activities. One aspect is to form solidarity and support the formation of the other teens in different social contexts. Through this space, it allows to students to self-reflect and grow as people. Our students not only form empathy towards someone who is terminally ill, but also learn to value life and understand the priveledge each one of us is given. Through work with foundations like Second Life, or by being near elders, students learn to give love to families who have been abandoned like in the geriatrics home in San Jose. Also, our students can use these activities as a way to form and aid our younger Hontanar students through our Character Counts program, and implementation of the pre-ICFES, which is designed and implemented by the 11th grade students to a school in Fusca.

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