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English starting off in Preschool


We believe in the principle of early learning, which is why our students begin to recognize English as a second language as early as preschool. We know that it is possible to eliminate the language barriers of the world with a program that increases progressively in each grade, from the basic words for the youngest of our students to the intermediate and advanced level for the oldest.

Step by step and with appropriate guidelines our students master a second language and prepare themselves to learn other languages, thanks to the routine established with English.We work permanently offering a bilingual culture. We want our students to really live the language, using it in a creative way, to be able to communicate beyond grammatical rules. We have native English-speaking teachers from different parts of the world, with whom our students interact, learning about their cultures and strengthening their global vision.

Thanks to the high results of our students in the Cambridge English Language Assessment tests for more than three consecutive years, we have been recognized as an Exam Preparation Centre. This allows us to apply different exams for each section (Primary, Middle and High School), so that our students start their process at an A1 level and finish with a CI or C2 upon graduating.