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Specialized Projects

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The voice of the Youth

This radio station is a space to develop creative, musical and social skills through the development of radio programs, where you learn developing scripts, production, auditions and live broadcasts.

Student TV, for students

Participants in this project have the possibility of becoming journalists who investigate, edit and present our Institutional newscast: Hontanar News.

The main pillars of our project of the United Nations Model are:

To be a critical thinker, being at the forefront of news that mobilize the world, forming and strengthening your own criteria with arguments that allow you to lead or participate in debates with other educational and governmental institutions, communicating in both English and Spanish.

We promote the Entrepreneurial spirit

If it is about being entrepreneurs, at Gimnasio el Hontanar we manage small business projects based on great ambitions. With organization, planning and execution; young people develop main skills for business success, taking advantage of visits to companies that are developed in this area.

The Sound of Gimnasio el Hontanar

Musical, instrumental, voice, and ensemble skills are brought together in a single rhythm to produce a variety of melodies that allow our students to express their thoughts, feelings and put them at the service of art. Guitar, piano, bass, drums, and music appreciation are gathered in this project.


Our young people voices come together in a beat marked by our Choir director, who leads them through the fine-tuned paths of different musical genres, strengthening sensitivity, respect, empathy and solidarity. A choir with a wide repertoire that accompanies our institutional events such as First Communions, concerts and contests.

The body moves, vibrates and expresses itself through dance

Dance is a way to help build self-confidence. The sounds of the different regions of our country and the genres around the world are the perfect excuse for the dancers creations who seek to communicate with the world from their body expression.

Connect + sow + Care

Planting a tree, planting a vegetable, caring for a small crop, eagerly waiting for a seed to sprout and bear fruit; these are the illusions that your son can cultivate in el gimnasio el Hontanar orchard.

Drama classes as a tool for education

We are in the middle of the technological era, now more than ever, body language and stage performance are becoming an important pedagogical resource for human interaction. Acting, is first of all, dialogue, motivation, performance and communication. This class develops the artistic and human expression of young people.

Looking for news

We explore the relationship between language and thought by working as reporters in the activities held in the educational community and making external visits to search for news. The words speak about our thinking and based on that idea we give life to the project of the institutional newspaper 'Ser Hontanar', an exercise that is oriented towards research which motivates learning and integrates teachings.

Critical sense + multiculturalism

A film, a documentary, an audiovisual series, among other forms of cinema, bring us closer to cultures and ideas from around the world. In view of the cinematographic appreciation, students get to know artistic movements and acquire social competence. Watching movies and talking about movies develops a sensitivity in students that is reflected in their ability to analyze.

Happiness through art

Molding, painting and drawing to awaken the artistic curiosity of our children and young people is the objective of this space. Plastic art allows the integral development of the human being due to the exploration of different colors, textures and techniques that strengthen the construction of happiness and critical thinking.

Designing Solutions

A culture of " doers " is beginning to develop in our children and youth. The purpose of this space is for students to use the resources and tools at their disposal to seek solutions to their daily conflicts. Creative thinking, strategy design and problem solving are essential here.

Martial band

The Martial band is a representative group at school that offers a wonderful musical experience to its members, at the same time that it consolidates the relationship with their parents, since the support of the family is required to comply with the schedules, the practice of choreography, the care of the instruments and the interaction with the group.

Atelier conversationnel

Coversational Workshop In this space, students have the oportunity to speak about the French culture incuding the magic of its language.

Heroes painted green

The purpose of this team is to educate, raise awareness and motivate the student population to preserve nature through activities in our environment: the school meadows, nearby sidewalks, our houses; always focused on teaching the importance of natural resources conservation, a heritage that we have received and must leave to those who come.

This club offers your children a fun way to practice English

In this project the students carry out staging, making use of their skills in the second language, developing their argumentative ability and use of vocabulary.