Welfare and Support Services:

The support services department is responsible for leading the development of the personal and social growth program as follows:


The Psychology Department is comprised of three psychologists who specialize in educational and juvenile psychology. This department helps students and staff cope with problems related to social isolation, low emotional self-regulation, risk of addictive conducts, and academic difficulties, among others. Psychologists will evaluate and identify possible personal, social, and family factors contributing to these situations. Psychologists will then make recommendations fit for the specific situations.

The psychology department is also constantly working on preventive measures, activities, and engages students in personal and social growth through the program Character Counts! This department’s fundamental intention is designed to provide tools that allow students to strengthening protective measures against risks, developing awareness for situations, and improving character.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy focuses on the processes related to the student´s attention, behavioral, and motor skills. For instance, posture, handwriting, note taking skills, and habits that strengthen the learning process. The occupational therapists help with the development of educational activities aimed at the strengthening of attention, behavioral, and motor skills.

Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy is in charge of assessing and helping students with needs in speech, articulation, public speaking, reading, and writing processes. This specialized therapy area focuses on the development of tools in order to strengthen skills at home and in the classroom.


The school provides a nursing service, which is managed by a nurse, and is available during the school day. This nurse is responsible for dealing with basic medical problems or accidents that occur exclusively during the day. The nurse will examine the patient and determine the correct course of action on a case-by-case basis. No medication, diagnosis, or specialized treatment will be administered. 

Chaplin Services

Chaplin services are provided by the school at all formal functions or as needed. Chaplains provide spiritual guidance to all members of the educational community. Chaplains are responsible for leading church sacraments such as Holy Communion for third graders and confirmation for eight and ninth graders.