School Government

According to article 142 of Law 115/94, educational establishments must organize a government for the democratic participation of all levels of the educational community. The School Government at Gimnasio EL Hontanar is made up of the General Director, Principle, Board of Directors, Administration Board, Coexistence Coordinator, Academic Council, Student Council, and Student President.

The formation of the School Government and its participants and the controls of the School will be carried out through an electoral process. This process governs the "School Government Committee" which is organized by the Department of Social Studies. This Committee is composed of a student, a teacher representative and a administrator representative appointed for a period of one academic year. 

This committee governed by the Department of Social Studies will be responsible for the following:

  • Define the logistical organization of the school government. Especially the Board of Trustees and the student body interaction. 
  • Register candidates who meet the requirements.
  • Execute the election and counting of the votes.
  • Present the results of the election through an act signed by each one of the members.
  • The School Governance Committee will be responsible for:
    • Studying the resumes of students aspiring to the position of president, in order to verify the requirements are fulfilled.
    • Advise on the feasibility of execution of the plans and programs presented by each candidate.
    • Periodically verify compliance and efficiency of the electoral process.