Student Social Services

According to the provisions of General Education Law and article 39 of Decree 1860 of 1994 and the guidelines of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program, students in 10th and 11th grade will perform their social service under the parameters of the CAS Program (Creativity, Action and Service). This program aims to contribute to the integrity of a student, while linking it to the community through participation in projects and work that apply institutional values, strengthen his/her creative dimension, and enhance social and cultural awareness.

The participation of each student in the program is required for promotion or graduation. This requirement may not be replaced by any other cultural or sports activities that the student is doing outside the school.

VIDEO CAS – Creation, Action, Service.

Creativity - Activity - Service (CAS)

Because our school is part of the IB community, it does not develop the traditional Colombian social service, instead it implements the program for Creativity, Action and Service (CAS), proposed by the International Baccalaureate Organization.

What is CAS?

The International Baccalaureate program requires students to participate in the opportunity to become caring and active human beings in local, national, and international communities

The Creativity, Activity, and Service (CAS) program promotes and values the importance of life outside the school world by addressing students' social, cognitive, emotional, and physical well-being, providing a balance with academic and social programs. Participation in the CAS program invites and motivates students in grades Tenth and Eleventh to share their energies and talents, while developing their understanding of the world, their concern for the world, and the ability to work in collaboration with others. Concern for others is an objective and is achieved immediately when students go beyond themselves and their books.

The three areas that make up the CAS program are:

  • Creativity: exploration and expansion of ideas that lead to an original or interpretive product or action.
  • Activity: physical effort that contributes to a healthy lifestyle.
  • Service: collaborative and reciprocal engagement with the community in response to a need.

These united areas make it possible for the student to realize that there are many opportunities outside academic and formal study to increase awareness about life, self, and others. Successful completion of the CAS program is a requirement for obtaining an IB diploma.

The general objectives of the program are:

  • Enjoy a variety of CAS experiences and find relevance in these.
  • Reflect about your experiences.
  • Identify goals, develop strategies, and determine more actions for personal growth.
  • Explore new possibilities, face new challenges, and adapt to new roles.
  • Participate actively in planned, durable, and collaborative CAS projects.
  • Understand that as members of local and global communities and they have responsibilities to each other and to the environment.

In 2016, Tenth grade students from Gimanasio el Hontanar carried out their CAS project at the José Joaquín Casas Educational Institution in the city of Chia, Cundinamarca. Students demonstrated their creative potential in the teaching and preparing crafts, music, dance, woodworking, football, basketball, volleyball, and tennis classes as well as providing academic reinforcement to students who need it. By 2017, students will support the program Character Counts! And promote awareness campaigns and experience the program in each of the academic sections of the school. The tenth grade students will carry out various CAS projects with social, academic, and environmental emphasis in our school and other educational institutions in the area.