Sport Activities

Through the collaboration with nearby sports clubs, Gimnasio El Hontanar promotes and motivates student’s motor development, the formation of habits that guarantee an adequate use of free time and teamwork. The clubs offer large and comfortable sports fields for the practice of various sport disciplines, such as Gross motor skill development, soccer, basketball, volleyball, cheerleading, gymnastics, etc. In addition to nearby clubs and during school hours, students complement their physical training with other sport activities such as swimming, horseback riding, taekwondo, tennis, ballet, figure skating, hockey, golf, squash, bowling, ultimate Frisbee, fitness, Pilates, spinning, rumba, etc.


Artistic Activities

As part of the educational curriculum Gimnasio el Hontanar offers programs for a foundation in music (choir, guitar, keyboards, violin), art, dance, and marching band. Samples of these artistic skills acquired by students are regularly exhibited at project fairs, talent shows, Christmas shows, inter-school activities and in various student performances at festivals to which they are invited.


Extracurricular activities

As reinforcement to the process of comprehensive training of students, the school offers a variety of extracurricular activities that allows them to develop specific skills, during extra-curricular hours and within the facilities of our school, applying the theory of multiple intelligences. The institution offers extracurricular sport activities for different disciplines (soccer, volleyball, tennis, etc.) and varied artistic ones (choir, violin, guitar, martial arts, plastic arts, theater, etc.), which develop intellectual strengthening of self-esteem in children and the capacity for expression.


Standardized testing Performance

Gimnasio El Hontanar has always been located in the first places of the best schools in Bogota and in the Country. Thanks to its excellent results in the Tests “pruebas saber” taken in  3rd and 5th grade in Primary, 9th and 11th grade in High School.