Gimnasio el Hontanar was founded in 1994 by Maria Cristina Barbosa Cifuentes. It was then known as Crayola y Lapiz. This project was born from the initiative of a group of educators and members of the Barbosa Family. Committed to education, the Barbosa family looked forward to offering quality service to a community of parents and students with high expectations regarding educational values, bilingualism, and academic competences allowing students access to high-level knowledge in order to face a demanding society in a globalized world.

With this initiative and with the desire to make the educational idea come true, and wishing to work with children and adolescences, allowed the institution to start activities with conviction that education strongly influences social change. Gimnasio el Hontanar wishes to plant seeds of values and love for country, making students aware of their own responsibility towards environment, their own lives, and commitment to be adequately prepared for the challenge of their future professional lives as leaders of change and national progress.

Sobre esta base, el Jardín Infantil Crayola y Lápiz abrió sus puertas en la calle 157 No. 106-75, Vía Corpas-Cota, y allí funcionó hasta el año 2004, cuando trasladó su sede a la carrera 76 No. 150 – 26, Hacienda Casablanca de la localidad de Suba. En el mes de enero del año 1998, los padres de familia del Jardín, solicitaron la ampliación del servicio educativo a los niveles de básica primaria, situación que originó el cambio de nombre por el de Gimnasio El Hontanar y la decisión de continuar ofreciendo el servicio de educación para todos los niveles.

This ideology was the foundation for Crayola y Lapiz which opened its doors at calle 157 # 106-75, Via Corpas - Cota and remained there until 2004. Then it moved to Kra. 76 # 150-26, Hacienda Casablanca, Suba, this location is still open today. In January 1998, parents requested the expansion of the school to cover primary school, this gave origin to the expansion to offer educational services at all levels which is our school named: Gimnasio el Hontanar. From that moment on, the school has been granted license by the Ministry of Education (Bogotá) to offer services in Preschool, Primary, Middle, and High school.

The first group of graduates in 2006 placed the school at a Superior level in ICFES and has continued to hold that ranking. Today, Gimnasio el Hontanar is highly recognized among the schools Bogotá and surrounding areas thanks to its institutional achievements which are represented in a double certification in Quality and Environment granted by ICONTEC and the OBI authorization to offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program thus becoming the first Calendar A school in Colombia to obtain it. Gimnasio el Hontanar has also been given merit and awarded distinctions like: Excellence in School Management or Excellence Award, granted by Bogotá.}Secretary of Education and the Quality Corporation, and the Environment Responsibility Award, granted by The Siembra Colombia Foundation. These recognitions have made the school an excellence leader among various educational institutions in Bogotá.

New modern facilities opened in 2014, as Sede Norte, [west side of Kra. 7; 300 meters before the north toll booth] providing students with the space, equipment, resources, and advanced technology that guarantees an excellent academic process, supported by a highly qualified staff that makes learning an innovative, meaningful, and joyful experience.

In 2016, Gimnasio El Hontanar received both the Espectador’s BIBO Recognition, as Best Environmental Practice in Wood Conservation and Human Welfare. According to Dinero Magazine, Col-Sapiens ranking, and The Educational Quality Index it is placed as the best school in Chia, Cundinamarca, and among the best Calendar A schools in Colombia due to its high level and quality of integral education.