Educational Philosophy - Institutional Strategic Guidelines

General and specific Institutional objectives in reference to Law 115


Gimnasio El Hontanar, in order to fulfill the educational service already provided and with its strategic plan, has defined the following general objectives:

  • To teach students attitudes and principles helping them to become leaders of the society that surrounds them.
  • To develop a thinking process in students, through reflection, analysis, and criticism. Allowing the construction of their own knowledge from the world, through their experiences, research, and observations with the subsequent appropriation of science and technology as a mean to contribute to the development of the social, economic, and political structures of their community.
  • The use of technical and technological resources as basic means to integrate the learning process inside and outside the classroom.
  • To teach students competently in the English language, in a way that they can interact with other cultures and expand their horizons from the global perspective.
  • Guide the students to build their own criteria, strengthen core values to maintain good social relations.
  • Develop projects for democracy, civility, citizenship, and the practice of the human rights that distinguishes him /her as a proactive member of his /her community.
  • Strengthen the environmental leadership of the students through their participation in programs orientated to preserve the environment.
  • Develop pedagogical programs directed to the formation of integral students who develop self-care and prevention habits as well as multiple intelligences.
  • Consolidate the student profile adjusted to the Institutional Educative Project (PEI) expectations of Gimnasio El Hontanar.

Strategic Plan

By 2020, Gimnasio El Hontanar commits itself to the fundamental areas of the following strategic plan:

  • Position in the market: Student body growth, customer loyalty, marketing, quality control, trust, customer satisfaction.
  • Administrative excellence: Management and control of administrative services and resources.
  • Science and Technology: TIC’s advancement, including scientific thinking in the school curriculum.
  • Sustainable development: Putting environmental thinking first and lowering the school’s ecological footprint.
  • Social Commitment: Provide efficiency in social consciousness awareness.
  • Internationalization: Review, strengthen, and immerse the school in the bilingual process as a means of international communication.
  • Human Resources: Provide exceptional resources for health and safety for all personnel.
  • Academic and character Excellence: Strive for excellence in academic quality in terms of results and innovation. Put skills and attitude before results.


Quality, Happiness and Transcendence are the guiding principles of our school. Quality being understood as a constant attitude of doing things right from the beginning, giving added value to what is done. Happiness conceived as the attitude that arises from satisfaction of a job well done, and transcendence, whose concept says doing that which goes beyond or above what is expected. A student at Gimnasio el Hontanar leaves a positive mark in history and that of those who relate to him on a daily basis.

El bilingüismo, el enfoque internacional y global, el compromiso social, las TICs, el desarrollo de habilidades artísticas y deportivas, y la protección de los recursos naturales, son parte esencial de nuestro proceso educativo, que confluye en un perfil de estudiante virtuoso y competitivo, agente de cambio y transformador de la realidad de su entorno y  de su país, en armonía con sus convicciones y los retos que la sociedad le propone.


  • Respect: Respect is one of the bases on which ethics and morals are sustained in any field and at any time. It is accepting and understanding others as they are, accepting and understanding their way of thinking even if it is not the same as ours. It is the high esteem and special observation that must be given to people whatever their condition may be, to institutions, to the norms and the culture of a people.
  • Responsibility: It is the direct commitment of people fulfilling their duty or task.
  • Autonomy: It is derived from the Latin word auto (by oneself) and nomos (rule, law). It is the capacity of each to govern oneself, according to a right consciousness, taking as a reference his own well-being and that of others based on respect for laws and institutions. The promotion of this value with student development is the capacity to manage their own lives, empowering them to not only act but to act according to their convictions, as a result of the traditions and teachings of their families and of their school, assuming the responsibilities of their decisions and actions.
  • Honesty: It is that human quality by which a person chooses to always act on the basis of truth and authentic justice (giving each person what is his own, including oneself). To be honest is to be real, in accordance with the evidence presented by the world and its various phenomena and elements; it is to be genuine, authentic, and objective. Honesty expresses respect for oneself and for others, who, like us, "are as they are" and there is no reason to hide it. This attitude shows confidence in oneself and in those who are in contact with the honest person.
  • Commitment: Commitment is to put our capabilities to the maximum, to carry out all that has been entrusted to us. A commitment that is done from the heart goes beyond the signing of a document, or a contract. When we commit, it is because we know the conditions we are accepting and the obligations they entail.
  • Loyalty: Loyalty has to do with the feeling of attachment, fidelity, and respect that inspires us, the people, or institutions that we love, belong to, or identify with. Those who are loyal have a high sense of commitment and this allows them to be constant in their affections and true to their word. There are many things that inspire loyalty. Loved ones, sincere friends, the loving partner with whom we share our life, the institution in which one studies or works, and the country to which one belongs. To be loyal, is to lavish total support to those who deserve it.
  • Consistency/ Perseverance: These are the push or the inner strength that allows us to carry out and enjoy fulfillment of the things that we undertake. Those who are persevering have a high sense of motivation and a deep sense of commitment that prevents them from abandoning the tasks they started and encourage them to work to the end. To persevere one must also be disciplined and determined. Perseverance is a common quality for people of solid character, many of them leaders in their field of work, and who, far from being alarmed in the face of difficulties or adversity, become great and even double their efforts, with great determination to achieve the objectives which were set out before them.
  • Strength: It is one of the four cardinal virtues, which consists in overcoming fear and fleeing from fear. It is the capacity that allows us to remain faithful to our convictions and to face them with firmness and energy, without evading the different situations that we find ourselves in during life. Those who are strong rarely allow themselves to be tempted by things they know are not right for them or for others. They are calm and also people who maintain their composure in both good and bad times, but above all in the latter infusing trust and tranquility among those around them.

Core principles

  • God guides our efforts and gives purpose to our mission.
  • We believe that family is the first step to excellent education.
  • We teach for an enriched whole life.
  • Our principles and values are the natural spring of the educational process of life.
  • Our main objective is to develop the full potential of our students.
  • Create Citizens of the world while maintaining the responsibilities of Colombian citizenship.
  • Our duty and responsibility is to preserve the natural environment.
  • Our highest commitment is to constantly improve our quality and standards.
  • The educational Community of Gimnasio el Honatanar has a strong social awarness.
  • The educational Community of Gimnasio el Honatanar has a strong social awarness.
  • We strive for excellence.
  • Our graduates are leaders in the transformation of the world.


We are an education institution committed to the development of our student’s potential through an inclusive curriculum and a methodology based on creative quests, collaborative knowledge building, networking, and the joy of interdisciplinary learning.

We base our fundamental goals in teamwork with the community to guarantee a solid education in ethics and character, which is reflected by attitudes of respect, responsibility, autonomy, honesty, commitment, loyalty, constancy and strength. A bilingual program, international and global approaches, social care commitments, TICs, development of artistic and sporting skills, and the protection of natural resources are essential in our educational process in order to build virtuous and competitive students who are agents of change, transformers of their own reality and live with conviction of the challenges that society presents.


By 2020, Gimnasio el Hontanar will be recognized for its quality in education, as the best option for children and adolescences, positioning itself within the ten top local and national calendar A schools.

Integral policy

At Gimnasio el Hontanar we provide a high-quality service of education, developing the maximum potential of our students, strengthening their values and releasing them into the community as leaders and managers of welfare and progress. We are committed to No pollution, the ongoing improvement of sustainability of our natural resources, and the fulfillment of the requirements of environmental protection laws.

Strategic objectives

  • To develop an innovative pedagogical model in order to fulfill the requirements that a changing society promotes to education, taking into account the values and skills from students.
  • To elevate the position of Gimnasio El Hontanar in the Calendar A educational market in Bogota, Chia, and our country as one of the best educational options for PK – 11th grade.
  • To maintain and exceed the expectations, high quality standards, and complementary services of all interested parties within Gimnasio El Hontanar.
  • To be identified in the local and national contexts through the excellent results on standardized tests: Saber, Cambridge, IB, and ICFES.
  • To control the impact of relevant environmental aspects from activities, products, and services through an institutional culture of preserving our environment.
  • To create social responsibility based on the perspective of its educational ideas.
  • To expand the international profile of our educational community strengthening the bilingual project, developing international mindedness, and including an intercultural environment while also respecting national identity.
  • To strengthen the ICTs use, especially in the educational process of the institution.
  • To reinforce the sense of institutional belonging and to foster the perception of the different states of the community.
  • To encourage sports, artistic cultural, and academic participation of students in and out of school