School Levels

Gimansio El Hontanar respects the levels set forth by the National Ministry of Education. 


Our children begin their school life at the age of three in Pre-kindergarten and complete this stage when they successfully pass the Transition grade. At Gimnasio El Hontanar, children in first grade are part of the pre-school level and given the level of attention they require facing primary school. The children of our preschool are cheerful and very active. They enjoy the learning process and manage to put their knowledge to practice through the development of projects that strengthen their creativity and imagination. Students interact with the natural environment of the school and fill the school and wonderful green spaces with their laughter. 


In an open setting, with extensive natural learning scenarios and with the guidance of expert teachers, children explore knowledge and deepen the knowledge that awakens their unlimited capacity for wonder.

From 2nd grade - 4th grade, the children of Gimnasio El Hontanar complete the basic academic preparation before entering the high school process. Primary children are happy to enjoy and learn. Rushing through the large institutional campus, they can enter into meaningful learning that strengthens their knowledge and their desire to investigate everything that surrounds them.

High School

At this stage, our students complete their training process and advance the basics that build their life. In grades 10 and 11, students use the Diploma Program of the International Baccalaureate. This enables the students to achieve the title of National High school graduate and the ability to obtain the title of International Baccalaureate that accredits them as citizens of the world. With the IB certification this presents the opportunity to enter immediately into the school program of their choice at any university at home or abroad. High School students are an example of values including happy coexistence and love for learning experiences. They reflect the desire to delve into the ways of knowledge, researching, and creating new projects that develop their dexterities and strengthen their academic skills.