Library and Resource Center

The library is the center to Gimnasio El Honantar’s informational learning, resource, and research services which supports processes such as curriculum, learning, teaching, investigation and social projection through for the whole educative community.

The services, duties, and general information about access to the library, services, and resources are clearly explained below.

  • Library services: The library offers information services through interaction with the TIC’s and the use of book resources and the WEB. It also utilizes collaboration services from other academic libraries.
  • Research and service in the library: The user has access to all library and research materials during open hours. 
  • Access and Internet research: The library provides and utilizes electronic resources via the Internet. 
  • Borrow service: Students and teachers can borrow resource materials from the library’s general collection. Students can borrow a maximum of 2 different titles for a period of 8 days using their institutional ID.  
  • Permanent text books borrow service for teachers: All Library resources are available for teacher use. Materials are lent according to the time the teacher requires it for his/her daily class development. 
  • User reference and orientation: The library provides support for information, internal and external research, and location services for various library collections (i.e. external references from other libraries). 
  • Users training: Training sessions about services and information sources is provided by the library and available to students and teachers.
  • Workrooms (Multiuse and computer rooms): The school provides access to various workrooms. To use these spaces, it is necessary to make a reservation with the library staff. It is important to respect classes and meetings already scheduled in these spaces.